Excellence in Management

2020 Excellence in Management Award recipients

  • Jessica Bauer, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, & Lifelong Learning
  • Andrea Bonifacio, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
  • Jean Delaney, College of Letters & Science, Division of Undergraduate Studies
  • Robert Fredrickson, Berkeley Regional Services, BEARS Region
  • Christian M. Gordon, College of Letters & Science, Social Sciences Development
  • Mark Gorenflo, Haas School of Business, Evening & Weekend MBA Program
  • Sue Harbour, Career Center
  • Sandra Rollins Ketchpel, Goldman School of Public Policy
  • Rosemary Kim, Immediate Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance
  • Dana Kowalski, School of Social Welfare
  • Yvette Lane-Newton, Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs
  • Bruce Lorenzen, IST - Telecom
  • Kayla A. Lynch, Office of Laboratory Animal Care
  • Tracy Mills, Haas School of Business, Development & Alumni Relations
  • Dean Allen Haniel Poblete, Student Affairs Communications
  • Lekesha Ponde, Berkeley Regional Services, ChaMPS Region
  • Rachael Samberg, Office of Scholarly Communication Services
  • Philaine Seher, College of Letters & Science, Undergraduate Advising
  • Scott E. Shackleton, College of Engineering, Dean’s Office
  • Kelly Jensen Sheiner, Office of Laboratory Animal Care
  • Delphine Sherman, Haas School of Business
  • Julia Sprague, School of Information
  • Cara Stanley & Khuyen Nguyen, Student Learning Center
  • Ellen Topp, Student Affairs Communication
  • Lois Wareham, IT Client Services
  • Sue Watz, University Health Services
  • Eboni Wilson, Berkeley Regional Services, ERSO Region
  • Siu Yung Wong, School of Information

This year's theme:

Building Teams & Developing Staff

This highlights leadership which encourages integrity, engagement, trustworthiness, inclusion, and staff empowerment.

You can nominate your managers/supervisors who exemplify the theme in one or more of the following ways:

  • Trustworthiness, Integrity, and Staff Development - manager/supervisor builds trust, models integrity, and takes an active role in the development of their staff.
  • Active and Intentional Engagement around Diversity, Belonging and Collaboration - manager/supervisor is always mindful of cultural distinctions, welcomes differing outlooks and viewpoints, looks to strengthen team dynamics, and nurtures an environment of belonging.
  • Empowering - manager/supervisor provides team members with the tools to succeed at work, through mentorship, coaching/motivating, and leadership by example.

2019-20 Excellence in Management Committee


Naseem Ghaffari - Office of the CIO
Danielle Wiskerson - UDAR

Committee Members:

Arlene Banaga - Berkeley Regional Services SHARE HR
Lisa Chang - Student Information Systems
Sarah Gaugler - Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO)
Jessica Gorsuch - School of Public Health
Debbie Jan - Optometry and Health Sciences Library
Heather Levien - Electrial Engineering and Computer Sciences
Sharon Trahan - UDAR
Emily Ufheil-Somers - Haas School of Business
Margie Winn - Earth and Planetary Science

To volunteer for this committee, or find out more about the Excellence in Management Award, please contact the Committee at bsa_eim@berkeley.edu

About the Excellence in Management Award

The award honors exemplary managers and supervisors who have led their teams and team members to meaningful accomplishments this past year.

Watch the 2018 BSA Excellence in Management Awards Ceremony

2018 Excellence in Management Award CeremonyThe 2018 BSA Excellence in Management Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, May 31st at the Spieker Forum of the Haas School of Business.

If you were unable to attend the celebration or watch live, you can watch it on the BSA Staff Events YouTube channel: 2018 BSA Excellence in Management Award Ceremony and view photos from the ceremony here.