Excellence in Management

About the Excellence in Management Award

The Berkeley Staff Assembly is pleased to announce the recipients of the 36th annual Excellence in Management (EIM) Award, who are recognized for leading their teams and team members to meaningful accomplishments this past year. This year’s award theme, Cultivating Staff, Harvesting Success: Recognizing Excellence in Managementhighlights leaders who excel in cultivating their staff, leading to overall success for the team and the organization.   

2024 EIM Program

About the 2024 Award Winners

2024 BSA EIM Award Ceremony

2024 BSA EIM Ceremony Photos

Congratulations to our 56 outstanding managers and supervisors!

Award Recipient Name


Julia Arno

Berkeley Regional Services Professional Schools Region

Matthew Balaban

Major Gifts, East Coast 

Diana Barajas

Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3)

Marianne Bartholomew-Couts


John Benedict

IT Client Services

Sarah Benzuly

SSALLEX Marketing and Data

Jennifer Emiko Boyden

Berkeley Law Events

Cristal Carpinteyro


Elizabeth D Chavez

Contracts & Grants Accounting

Ann Cleaveland

Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, UC Berkeley School of Information

Garen Corbett

California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP)

Jenny Cornet-Carrillo

Berkeley International Study Program 

Laurence Diaco

Annual Programs, University Development and Alumni Relations

Monique Ellis

Haas Undergraduate Program

Guillermina Ellis

Residential and Student Service Programs

Jill Fujisaki

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

Sarah Gaugler


Melanie Green

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) 

Lynne E Grigsby-Standfill

Library IT 

Serena Groen

The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science 

Maria Hjelm

Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Glo Kaci

Intercollegiate Athletics

Avni Kansara

Evening & Weekend MBA Program, Haas School of Business

James Kato

Center for Support and Intervention, Dean of Students

Maria Kies


Marianne Koch

UC Berkeley Extension - Business & Management Department

Phillip Larkin

Contracts and Grants Accounting

John MacDonald

Berkeley Law IS&T

Adrianne Mann

Berkeley IT - Campus Applications & Data - Student Information Systems

Lucas Mollenbrink

FTMBA Academics Team 

Claudia Morales

Center for Educational Partnerships 

Dale Joseph Morrow

Residential Life

Andy Murdock

Innovative Genomics Institute

Mike Murphy

Supply Chain Management - Procurement 

Rebecca Pauling

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Jasmine Payne

College Relations, College of Engineering

Brent Radeke

Cal Performances

Rachelle Regan

Office of Gift Planning, University Development Alumni Relations

Karla S Robbins

Residential and Student Service Programs Central Maintenance

Jaime Santoyo

ASUC Student Union Facilities Maintenance & Operations 

Leslie Schibsted

University Development Alumni Relations

Amanda Schoeneman

Development & Alumni Relations, Haas School of Business 

Shani Shay

Berkeley Underground Scholars

Cara Stanley

Student Learning Center

Jocelyn Surla Banaria

Academic Senate https://academic-senate.berkeley.edu/

Kirsten Swan

Division of Biological Sciences, Letters & Science

Phuong N Tang

College of Letters & Science Office of Undergraduate Advising 

Fabia Terra

UC Berkeley Seismology Lab

Jessica Thach

Center for Educational Partnerships

Jacquelynn Thomas

Residential Life 

Sharon Trahan

Financial Systems

Heidi Wagner

Division of Biological Sciences Dean's Office

Roshonda (Ro) Walker

UC Berkeley Housing 

Matt Weaver

Gift Services, University Development Alumni Relations

Kirsten Wechling

Accounts Receivable & Banking Services

Heidi Yu

Berkeley Career Engagement

About the Excellence in Management Award

The award honors exemplary managers and supervisors who have led their teams and team members to meaningful accomplishments this past year.

This year’s Excellence in Management theme is: Cultivating Staff, Harvesting Success: Recognizing Excellence in Management. This theme highlights leaders who excel in cultivating their staff, leading to overall success for the team and the organization.

  • Staff Development: Manager/supervisor invests in the professional development of team members, providing opportunities for growth and skill enhancement.
  • Team Collaboration: Encourages a collaborative and supportive team culture where each member's contribution is valued, leading to collective success.
  • Results-Oriented Leadership: Achieves outstanding outcomes through effective management strategies and by fostering an environment that encourages innovation and achievement.

2024-25 Excellence in Management Committee


Shelly Gough, Sr. HR Business Partner, BRS HR
Natasha (Sunni) Sandeford, School of Education

Committee Members:

Anna Atkinson, Student Services Advisors, Earth & Planetary Science
Angikaar Chana, Research Data Analyst
Shirlin Dudonis, Admin Officer,  UKHDS
Rachel Evans, Executive Administrative Officer, Innovative Genomics Institute
Raymond Fong, Pre-Award Team Lead, Berkeley Regional Services (ProS)
Almadora Henry, Financial Analyst
Weixing Ou, Research Administrator, ERSO
Sanchita Pal, Contracts and Grants Supervisor, CRA RACC - Engineering Research Support Organization
Jessie Rosales, Senior College Advisor, L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising
Carlos Alberto Via, Employer Relations Assistant, Berkeley Career Engagement
Warren Whitfield, Student Health Insurance Office UHS - Student Health Insurance Office University Health Services
Yanni Zhang

To volunteer for this committee, or find out more about the Excellence in Management Award, please contact the Committee at bsa_eim@berkeley.edu