Excellence in Management


Have you ever wondered what it takes to pull off the EIM awards? It takes a lot of great ideas and voluneteers. 

EIM is looking for a Co-Chair and volunteers to help according to the following timeline 

Start meetings every 2 weeks in January -February
Then least 2 hours per week in March and April.
And of course 5 hrs on the day of  the event. 
I need at least 6 to 7 volunteers, this is a high priority/ high visibility event.  It's also  great opportunity to learn first hand who the amazing mangers and supervisors are on campus. 
If you are interested and available please contact  Co-Chair Barinder Flanagan 


Celebrating 29 years

Awards ceremony date and location are now set:
Tuesday April 25, 2017 from 1-3:30 PM at Anna Head Alumnae Hall

2017 Excellence in Management Committee:

Barinder Dhillon Flanagan, Toni Whittle Ciprazo, Camille Fernandez, Elizabeth Geno, Susie Hill, Maria Kies, Jeanette Robinson, Joanne Straley