Excellence in Management

Thank you for joining us on May 4, 2021 for the EIM Virtual Awards Ceremony. If you happened to miss it, please view the webinar recording above. Do note that the recording was unable to capture the live presenters and instead captured the screen sharing PPT, pre-recorded videos and full audio from the show. We hope to see you next year!

About the Excellence in Management Award

The award honors exemplary managers and supervisors who have led their teams and team members to meaningful accomplishments this past year.

2021 Excellence in Management Award Recipients

2021 EIM Recipients

May 4, 2021 EIM Virtual Program

2021 Excellence in Management Award Theme: Leading in Difficult Times

The theme highlights leadership which demonstrates and encourages resilience, inclusiveness, compassion, adaptiveness, work-life balance, well-being/morale.

Please nominate your managers/supervisors who exemplify the theme and provide detailed examples based on our Principles of Community. Below are some examples of the characteristics that exemplify "Leading in Difficult Times." You may choose to use one or more of the examples below or provide your own specific examples that encompass the theme:

  • Resilience, adaptiveness: manager/supervisor models resilience in strenuous situations, adaptability to constantly changing circumstances, and builds up team members by being a source of strength and dependability
  • Active and intentional engagement around diversity, inclusion, and belonging: manager/supervisor is always mindful of cultural distinctions, welcomes differing viewpoints, looks to strengthen team dynamics, and nurtures an environment of inclusivity
  • Compassion, work-life balance, well-being/morale: manager/supervisor encourages work/life balance of team members, supports mental health and well-being, and is sympathetic and understanding of team members

2021 Award Nominations Information

Date Action
January 5, 2021 Theme, Nominee Criteria, and Nomination Form announced
February 22, 2021 Nomination deadline
Late March 2021 Award Recipients Notified
May 4, 2021, 2-4 pm Award Ceremony

Nominee Eligibility Criteria

The nominee must be:

  • In a non‐academic payroll title
  • A career employee
  • A manager or supervisor for at least 1 year in their current positions (including interim roles)

Nominations must originate from staff directly supervised by the nominee, and include supporting signatures from at least one-half of these staff. If there are specific questions regarding a nominee's payroll title, please email bsa_eim@berkeley.edu.

Online Nomination Form

Nomination Deadline is Monday, February, 22, 2021

2020-21 Excellence in Management Committee


Arlene Banaga, Berkeley Regional Services SHARE HR

Committee Members:

Sarah Gaugler, Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO)
Claire-Marie Kooi, Engineering Student Services
Nicole Lowy, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology
Sanchita Pal, ERSO/BRS
Kalie Sacco, Lawrence Hall of Science
Margie Winn, Earth and Planetary Science

To volunteer for this committee, or find out more about the Excellence in Management Award, please contact the Committee at bsa_eim@berkeley.edu