Excellence in Management

2024 Nominations are Open!

About the Excellence in Management Award

The award honors exemplary managers and supervisors who have led their teams and team members to meaningful accomplishments this past year.

This year’s Excellence in Management theme is: Cultivating Staff, Harvesting Success: Recognizing Excellence in Management. This theme highlights leaders who excel in cultivating their staff, leading to overall success for the team and the organization.

  • Staff Development: Manager/supervisor invests in the professional development of team members, providing opportunities for growth and skill enhancement.
  • Team Collaboration: Encourages a collaborative and supportive team culture where each member's contribution is valued, leading to collective success.
  • Results-Oriented Leadership: Achieves outstanding outcomes through effective management strategies and by fostering an environment that encourages innovation and achievement.

2023-24 Excellence in Management Committee


Henrriette Mena, Director of Events - BAMPFA
Jessie Rosales, Senior College Advisor - Undergraduate L&S Advising

Committee Members:

Jesus Aguiniga, Development Coordinator, Student Experience & Diversity, UDAR
Patrick G. Allen, Policy Analyst - Academic Senate
Rodney Enis, Mail Services
Ariel Feinberg-Berson, Director, Programs & Marketing, ASUC Student Union
Fermin Hernandez, Custodial Services
Claire-Marie Kooi, Associate Director, MPS Scholarss - Mathematical & Physical Sciences Dean's Office
Blanca Nuila, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office 
Sanchita Pal, Contracts and Grants Supervisor, CRA RACC - Engineering Research Support Organization
Natasha (Sunni) Sandeford, School of Education
Warren Whitfield, Student Health Insurance Office UHS - Student Health Insurance Office University Health Services

To volunteer for this committee, or find out more about the Excellence in Management Award, please contact the Committee at bsa_eim@berkeley.edu