About BSA

BSA logo and tagline - Working Together The Berkeley Staff Assembly creates community, champions staff interests, and provides opportunities for networking and development. We are an organization made up of all UCB staff employees.

Staff are encouraged to subscribe to receive announcements of BSA and other campus events. BSA members also may nominate candidates and vote in the annual election of new members to the BSA Governing Council. Email bsa_chair@berkeley.edu with your questions, ideas, to send announcements, and if you're not sure who in BSA you should talk to.

BSA Points of Purpose

The Governing Council decides on the programs we offer in support of our purpose.

  • To encourage the participation of all staff in BSA and in campus life in general
  • To recognize and promote the contribution of staff to the University
  • To foster professional contacts and friendship among staff employees
  • To inform colleagues about campus matters vital to their interests
  • To foster effective communication proactively with the Administration as advocates and advisors in a way that assures staff concerns and perspectives are included

Membership Meetings & Gatherings

  • Annual General Membership Meeting

Other BSA Activities

  • Sponsors regular programs with speakers on a variety of topics of interest to campus staff
  • Provides many networking opportunities for staff – both professionally and socially
  • Sponsors the successful Mentorship Program, matching experienced UC Berkeley staff from all campus units with staff who are seeking to develop themselves professionally.
  • Hosts an annual membership meeting with the Chancellor as the featured speaker
  • Administers the Excellence in Management Awards, an annual program established by BSA to give staff the opportunity to recognize excellent managers
  • Sends two delegates from the Berkeley campus to the statewide Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) which provides the staff perspective to UC administration and the Regents on policies affecting the entire University system
  • Informs staff on Career Development matters and resources in the changing campus environment