Staff Engagement Survey

Staff Engagement Survey

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2017 Results

The Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)/UC Staff Engagement Survey was sent out the week of May 15, 2017 to a random sample of policy-covered staff by ​Willis​ Towers Watson. The survey is an opportunity to voice your opinion on the current state of career development, communication, engagement, image/brand, organizational change, performance management, supervision, and working relationships on this campus.

Your CUCSA delegates, who are members of the BSA-GC, are actively involved in reviewing the results, communicating them to the rest of the BSA-GC and campus staff, and tracking actions taken by campus administration and BSA regarding improving engagement on campus. Please click here for answers to some frequently asked questions. 

2015 Results

The Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA), with the help of UCOP-HR and Towers-Watson, conducted an engagement survey of non-represented staff in April 2015. UC Berkeley Central Human Resources has been working with representatives from Berkeley’s Staff Assembly (BSA) on synthesizing the highlights from the survey which can be accessed at: A PDF version of the presentation and the transcript of the audio portion are available below. If you plan to download and/or distribute the PDF version, please also include the transcript as it contains additional information not included on the slides.

The results are a snapshot of the reactions from a random sample of over 2000 of our non-represented staff to 37 questions about subjects ranging from communication and working relationships, to career development and performance management.

Overall, the results provide great feedback on progress we have made as well as opportunities for improving staff engagement. Performance-based pay is one of your top priorities and you were vocal about the need for managers to reward high performance and dealing with underperformance. In fact, it was due in part to that feedback that President Napolitano required all locations to move to merit based pay by FY17.

Please submit questions or comments regarding the survey to

Detailed Report

A more detailed report on the results of the survey is available below along with the 2012 report. The 2015 report contains comparisons between 2012 and 2015 results. However, please note that the wording for some of the questions for the 2015 survey was changed to ask specifically about campus/location versus UC.

In addition, the detailed report contains comparison data showing differences between results from various populations. Items highlighted in red or green indicate “statistically significant” differences. A statistically significant difference is one that is large enough, given the sizes of the population groups being compared, to be unlikely to have occurred by chance and are therefore thought to be indicators of real differences in opinion.


Question: I'm particularly interested in the information related to "goal-focused performance management tools issued in FY16."  Where can I find these tools?  Was there a change in how the campus will be conducting performance evaluations for this upcoming cycle?

Answer: An e-mail was sent by Assistant Vice Chancellor Jeannine Raymond to managers and supervisors announcing a new simplified goal-focused performance review form for non-represented staff that was optional for the past review period and will be required for this one (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016) . A sample completed form provided by central HR showing how to use goals for performance reviews included below. Additional information can be found on HR's website at

Question: There was information contained in the video about merit based performance increases and recognition. Where is there information on what this means?  It has been my experience in the 5 years that I have been with UCB, first that this has been a very vague process for those in administrative roles. It seems clearer in the academic setting that it is based on publishing, etc. but is not very well defined in the positions that are not directly faculty related.  Second, it is often up to the worker to make the case for a merit increase. Could you clarify where to find this information?

Answer (Updated): Information regarding the current salary program including details regarding the merit program is available on central HR's website at