Sample Candidate Statements - BSA General Council

Candidate A:

I have been an UC employee for approximately XX years. I have worked in various departments on the UCB and other UC campus’s. I currently work as the Budget and Financial Services Manager for Information Systems & Technology (IST) control unit. The positions that I have held during mytenure with the university has been an asset in developing my skills and meeting individuals for eachsegment of the organization. I have worked and supported various organizations that I believeoffered something for the staff.  I have chaired committees and elected chair of UC organizations.  I believe that BSA has a lot to offer UCB staff.

Candidate B:

I've been working in the university for the past three years as an administrative assistant.  I considermyself a good team player, quick learner and a detail-oriented person.  I believe that by being part ofthe Coordinating Committee, I would play an important role in building bonds among the staff,faculty, and administration.  If given an opportunity to be part of the BSA-CC, I would be glad tocontribute my time and efforts in making the difference for the BSA and the campus community.

Candidate C:

This is my third year at UC Berkeley working as a Technology Specialist with EducationalTechnology Services. My job responsibilities include training faculty in the use of classroom mediasystems, acting as a media coordinator for numerous campus events, directing live webcasts ofvarious classes, and developing captioning resources for deaf and hard of hearing students oncampus. I very am interested in becoming more involved in the good work of the BSA.

Candidate D:

I've worked on the Berkeley campus for over 20 years, and have only recently become aware that theBerkeley Staff Assembly is something I can join, rather than something I would have to benominated for!  Now that I've joined, I'd like to do my part toward letting others on campus knowthat this organization exists, that it does a great deal of good for each and every person on theBerkeley staff, and that they can all join and help with the good work.  UCB has been good to me - Istarted as a telephone operator and am now an SAO I.  I've been in the Haas School the entire time,and would like to make more contacts across the entire campus - BSA seems to be a great way tomeet people and help make Berkeley a better place to work for us all.  For these reasons, I'd like tobe considered for the BSA Coordinating Committee.

Candidate E:

My three-year term on BSA's Coordinating Committee is coming to a close.  During this term, Ihave served as Secretary, participated on several committees, and represented UC Berkeley as one oftwo delegates to the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies.Berkeley Staff Assembly identifies and moves into the forefront key topics that are important tostaff.  Because BSA embodies the broadest range of staff-and is not seen as a "rubber-stamp" group,it has evolved into an organization that crafts progressive change while it provides the valuable staffperspective to administration.If reelected to the Coordinating Committee, I would like to focus on BSA Membership.  Irespectfully request your vote to remain on the Coordinating Committee for one more term.