Staff Appreciation Week - Summer Keynote, Freebies and Discounts!

June 12, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Staff Appreciation Week is underway, and today we are excited to present our faculty Keynote Talk with Dr. Jennifer Strauss on the topic of Earthquake Mythbusters. Get an overview on earthquake hazards in the Bay Area, some cool science the lab is working on to help increase knowledge and safety, and bust some common myths about earthquakes and preparedness.

Dr. Strauss is scientific liaison for our Berkeley Seismological Laboratory and the head of the Lab’s Earthquake Research Affiliate Program, which fosters interactions between academic researchers and external partners interested in earthquake information services, including earthquake early warning (EEW) and novel technologies for geophysical research. She joined the lab in November 2012, after spending three years in the French Alps. She is a Physicist by training, with a research history in powder diffraction, x-ray crystallography, computer modeling, and ice sheet dynamics and radar altimetry studies on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. She has written publications and participated in many press interviews for print, radio, and TV science news.

Join us at noon today for this entertaining and informative in-person event at Sibley Auditorium, or attend live online through this streaming link. Plus, don’t forget our Special Offers all week long - free coffees, $5 meals and Cal merchandise discounts courtesy of our friends at Cal Dining and the Cal Student Store!

Warmest wishes,


Jo Mackness, Interim AVC-HR


If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.

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