PG&E power restored to campus

October 11, 2019



We are pleased to report that the campus has re-connected to  PG&E power as of 1, welcome news that has brought the campus back to normal power.

Classes were previously canceled for today but research activities may resume today and  special events may take place later today and this evening as planned. All parking lots are now open.

The campus is ready for full normal weekend operations for Saturday and Sunday.  Normal weekday operations will start on Monday. 

Campus facilities workers spent many hours today, starting early this morning, on the multi-step process of safely switching the campus back to shared power with PG&E.  Campus police have completed the process of returning access to buildings with electronic card-key access. 

If there are any lingering building access issues, please contact UCPD dispatch (510) 642-6760. For other facilities concerns please contact Facilities Services Customer Service at 642-1032.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process.


Marc Fisher

Vice Chancellor, Administration


Alicia Johnson

Director, Office of Emergency Management 

If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.


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