Notification of Fee to Replace a Lost Cal 1 Card

October 4, 2017

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Starting on November 1, 2017, UC Berkeley will begin charging a $25 nonrefundable fee to replace lost Cal 1 Cards (the campus identification cards) for all appointment types: faculty, staff, academic, and postdoctoral. If your card is lost, deactivate it immediately by logging into your Cal 1 Card account, and then follow the procedure to pay for and pick up your replacement Cal 1 Card outlined in the FAQs for Employees.

For those supervising students: Student employees in Graduate Student Instructor, Graduate Student Researcher, or other appointment types that are not “Casual-Restricted” may be eligible to receive a staff Cal 1 Card and should also follow the procedure outlined in the FAQs for Employees. Student employees in a “Casual-Restricted” appointment that use their student Cal 1 Card for work-related purposes (e.g., CalTime, building access, etc.) will follow the procedure under the FAQs for Students forepl< span>acinlosstudenCaCard.

The fee to replace lost employee cards is being implemented to standardize Cal 1 Card processes and policies for the entire campus community. The fee will also help cover the operational costs associated with issuing replacement cards and support good stewardship of the university’s resources.

Please note that the university will continue to issue the first Cal 1 Card at no cost to the employee. The fee only applies to replacement cards. In addition, there isn’t a fee to replace a damaged Cal 1 Card, as long as you bring the damaged card to the Cal 1 Card office. If the card is stolen, the replacement fee will be waived as long as you present the police report or case number at the time of requesting the replacement card.

For more information, please visit the FAQ sections of the Cal 1 Card website referenced above.


David A. Surratt, Ed.D.
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
Residential and Student Service Programs

Jorge G. Martinez
Operations Manager
Cal 1 Card Program


If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.

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