Up next for new students: Getting Your Bearings

August 28, 2019

 Student Affairs


Dear colleagues -

Thank you for all of your support thus far in transitioning our new students to UC Berkeley!  Over the last week, we’ve welcomed almost 9,500 new freshmen students between Move-In Day and Golden Bear Orientation (GBO). And now we’re at the final step -- Getting Your Bearings.

Getting Your Bearings, running August 28-September 5, follows Golden Bear Orientation (GBO). There are more than 200 events, sponsored by campus departments and student organizations, to help our newly admitted undergraduates get adjusted to campus at the beginning of their first semester. Download the Guidebook app to learn more.

We’re already thinking about next year as well -- if you know a student that would make a great GBO Leader, or if you have any other questions, concerns or feedback, please contact New Student Services at nss@berkeley.edu

Thank you again for all of the work that you do today and every day to support our students at Berkeley. We couldn’t do it without you! 


Catherine P. Koshland, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education

Stephen C. Sutton, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.


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