Just 24 more hours to make Berkeley the Coolest UC

April 26, 2019

 Vice Chancellor, Administration


Chancellor Christ says: "...we need your help in this final stretch to get engaged and make our #1 university, #1 in sustainability..."

A record number of faculty, staff, and students have joined the Cool Campus Challenge and made Berkeley #1 in carbon saving action. But UCLA is close on our heels. We have until 11:59pm, Friday, April 26 to hold the lead and be crowned the Coolest UC.

We need you NOW to log back in or join (there is still time to register) and to take more carbon saving actions: http://coolcampuschallenge.org

Quick tips to make the next 24 hours count:

Take on these high point pledge actions, they have high impact: 

  • Focus on your written pledge responses first, come back later if you have time to add images.

  • Many of you are on teams, rally your team mates to bring up their points by at least 1,000, or how about 5,000. 
  • Be a cool ambassador and talk to your networks about taking action.

We got this Berkeley! 

Marc Fisher
Vice Chancellor, Administration

Kira Stoll
Director of Sustainability

Dante Gonzales and Sage Lenier
Carbon Neutrality Student Fellows



If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.


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