Back to School - Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

August 28, 2019

 Human Resources


Dear Colleagues,

Let me start by saying it has been both a pleasure and privilege serving as your AVC-HR over the past two and a half years. Career mobility has always been at the forefront of my staff priorities and will continue to be a focus for HR. I wish you growth opportunities this Fall and for many years to come! 

Here are just a few of the many ways for you to go beyond your day jobs, and learn, grow and contribute to your career:

  1. Transferable Skills LibraryBrand new for Fall 2019, the Transferable Skills Library has the 20 most transferable skills - from problem solving to collaboration - you need to become more effective in your current position or develop those that you’ll need for a future role. This online library has articles, courses, and videos to help you develop across all (non-union represented) job standards in the UC system. You can develop these critical skills at any time by visiting the Transferable Skills Library.

  1. Berkeley People Management: Formerly KEYS, this series and certificate program is for everyone, from aspiring people leaders to those who are already seasoned people managers. With four separate tracks, you’ll get customized professional development paths and assessments to meet you where you are in your career, along with the opportunity to develop management skills in both online and in-person workshops. Visit our Berkeley People Management webpages for more details and sign up today.

  2. Professional Development Goal: To reflect the importance of professional development for all staff, at least one of your performance goals for FY20 must be focused on professional development. As a reminder, professional development goals can include anything from committing to network with people in different departments, to taking a training/course or joining a committee, to employing a different approach to work. And be sure you and your manager hold yourself to this professional development goal as you do all other goals!

  3. Free Courses - Lots of Sources: Don’t forget, there are many ways to access different learning opportunities ranging from the Wisdom Cafe to our newly upgraded LinkedIn Learning platform - our online library of on-demand, expert-led instructional videos, now with an enhanced user interface, and multi-language options. While our partnership with UNEX has given all staff access to one free course a year, coming Spring semester we're excited to bring you UNLIMITED classes from UNEX for all your learning needs! Watch for sign-up details in January 2020. Lastly, our UC Berkeley Learning & Development team also has hundreds of course s available to you at no cost, right here on campus. Want to work smarter, not harder? Check out our Technology and Systems Training.

  4. Ongoing Initiatives: The Berkeley nomination process for the UC Women's Initiative is currently open for its 2019/20 sessions - apply/nominate online here, plus we’ve got a local Berkeley Womens’ Initiative in the works for early next year. Also, outside of the classroom, be sure to check out our Staff Orgs to find like-minded communities of practice and affinity groups made up of our terrific Berkeley staff.

  1. Being Well in the Workplace: Prioritizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is also a critical piece of developing yourself, and our friends at University Health Services and Rec Sports are here to support. Consider joining Workfit, Knowing Your Numbers, and signing up for Relaxing Sound Meditation. The Fall Workshops and Resources flyer has you covered to hit the ground running!

While finding time for professional and personal development can be challenging, please remember you are well worth the investment! As always, please email with any questions or feedback.

Warmest wishes,



If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.


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