June 30, 2017

What’s new?
The improved online performance management tool is now available. We heard your feedback from last year and are pleased to bring many of the functional enhancements that you asked for, including:

FY17 goals automatically populate (from the FY16 reviews) when the form is first opened by supervisor, or they may choose to create a new one.

We’ve added space for employees to provide a self-review (if needed), and provided an opportunity to comment at the end of the review (if they wish).

Email notifications are sent automatically following selected process steps.

Employees and supervisors can see the draft review prior to holding the performance conversation, while managers and supervisors can finalize the rating afterwards.

In addition to these new features, to reflect the importance of professional development for all staff, we are requiring that for FY18, at least one goal be focused on professional development. A professional development goal can include anything from committing to network with 4 people in different departments, to taking a training/course, to employing a different approach to work.

Reminder - Performance ratings
As in past years, we expect that approximately 15% of the staff in each unit will be rated at the highest level, 5 – exceptional. This is a rating level that is reached once in awhile upon completion of a major contribution. Clarification on ratings is available at: http://hr.berkeley.edu/performance/tools/rating-scale

Constructive feedback is increasingly important throughout the year but especially in the annual review. Performance Reviews that are not completed on time default to a satisfactory rating.

How do I find the online form?
Simply go to performance.berkeley.edu.

For help, please refer to the step-by-step guide and the Frequently Asked Questions found on the performance management website.



Jo Mackness, Interim AVC-HR

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