Welcome to BSA

The Berkeley Staff Assembly creates community, champions staff interests, and provides opportunities for networking and development. We are a non-dues organization made up of all UCB staff employees.

More active members of BSA have opted in to receive email announcements on BSA and other campus events. BSA members also may nominate candidates and vote in the annual election of new members to the BSA Governing Council. Email BSA with your questions, ideas, to send announcements, and if you're not sure who in BSA you should talk to.

2016-19 BSA Governing Council Elections

Balloting is closed - results coming soon...

A few guidelines before you start:
-Email is automatically collected to ensure that each staff member votes only one time.
-Elections are conducted in accordance with BSA bylaw article vii: http://bsa.berkeley.edu/bsa-laws
-To be elected, each candidate must receive at least a simple majority of Yes votes (51% of votes cast) to win a seat on the GC.
-Candidate statements are included at the end of the ballot for your convenience: 7 candidates will be elected by rank voting.

Results will be announced Thursday, April 28th.

Thanks for voting!

The 2016 BSA Election Committee
Elizabeth Geno - Chair
Rochelle Ford
Cheryl Olson
Jeanette Robinson

Leadership Roundtable event was streamed live March 9th 12:30-2:00pm
The following link will take you to a recording of the program:
BSA and CSAC are still collecting feedback and questions at berkeleystaffroundtable@berkeley.edu.

Our 2015-2016 Executive Board members:
Chair - Camille Fernandez
Chair-Elect - Elizabeth Geno
CUCSA delegate 2nd yr - Rochelle Ford
CUCSA delegate 1st yr - Cheryl Olson
Co-Secretaries - Nina Lewallen Hufford and Joanne Straley
Treasurer - Nancy Mowery