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The Berkeley Staff Assembly creates community, champions staff interests, and provides opportunities for networking and development. We are a non-dues organization made up of all UCB staff employees.

Members of BSA receive email announcements of BSA and other campus events. BSA members also may nominate candidates and vote in the annual election of new members to the BSA Governing Council. Email BSA with your questions, ideas, to send announcements, and if you're not sure who in BSA you should talk to.

Staff Engagement Survey Results 2015
The Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA), with the help of OP-HR and Towers-Watson, conducted an engagement survey of non-represented staff in April 2015. Central Human Resources have been working with representatives from Berkeley’s Staff Assembly (BSA) on synthesizing the highlights from the survey which can be accessed at: https://youtu.be/OcTe4ES-Ljw

The results are a snapshot of the reactions from a random sample of over 2000 of our non-represented staff to 37 questions about subjects ranging from communication and working relationships, to career development and performance management.

Overall, the results provide great feedback on progress we have made as well as opportunities for improving staff engagement. Performance-based pay is one of your top priorities and you were pretty vocal about the need for managers to step up to the plate by rewarding high performance and dealing with underperformance!

In fact, it was due in part to that feedback that President Napolitano required all locations to move to merit based pay by FY17.

Take a few minutes to listen to the voices of your colleagues - https://youtu.be/OcTe4ES-Ljw
Any questions or comments can be sent to cucsa@berkeley.edu

Our 2015-2016 Executive Board members:
Chair - Camille Fernandez
Chair-Elect - Elizabeth Geno
CUCSA delegate 2nd yr - Rochelle Niccolls
CUCSA delegate 1st yr - Cheryl Olson
Co-Secretaries - Nina Lewallen Hufford and Joanne Straley

Congratulations to our 2015-18 Governing Council members:
Mark Brindle - IST Infrastructure Services
Paul Howl - Fin Serv Extramural Funds
Connie Hsu - Space and Capital Resources
Nancy Mowery - Student Affairs
Betsy (Worth) Ream - Haas
Jeanette Robinson - Campus Shared Services
Erin Simmer - Faculty Equity & Welfare
Ion Vergara - Development Office
Toni Whittle-Ciprazo (2nd term) - Art Practice