The BSA Communications Committee assists with publicity for BSA events using our website, social media including Facebook, and LinkedIn, the BSA mailing list or other means. This committee collects and distributes information about events and news of interest to the UCB staff and maintains the weekly "BSA Announcements" newsletter and archive. Additionally, this committee spearheads the effort to collect and maintain historical BSA documents in our digital collections and in our archives at the Bancroft Library. The committee stays abreast of current campus issues and website policies, and maintains the technology required to facilitate BSA communications and publicity needs.

The BSA Communications/Publicity team is recruiting! 
  • We need a person who can assemble and distribute our weekly announcments.
  • We need help posting content to BSA on FaceBook and/or LinkedIn Accounts. 
  • We need people who can create surveys and quick poles with Google forms or Survey monkey.
  • We need people who know how to set up and host BlueJeans meetings so more people can participate remotely
  • We need people who know how to stream content or capture video for those who can't attend in person. 
We meet in person or virtually primarily every other Friday morning 9-10am in 28 University Hall aka "U-Hall"  
Email if you are interested in joining us.  


Volunteering for this committee you can gain experience with a variety of current communications and publicity tools, and gain campuswide exposure as you grow your skills.  

The activities and priorities of this committee are determined by the committee chair in consultation with and approval by the BSA Chair/GC.  The extent of our activities primarily depends on the availability of volunteers to undertake and see projects through. The more people we have the more we can do.

While we can provide some training and mutual assistance between committee members, our meetings are generally used for planning or hands-on work towards our goals. We recommend exploring the many campus resources available to you while learning web and communications techniques and technologies. There are a variety of online classes, books and other resources available through the "UC Learning Center" and "e-Learn" on

Committee Members: 
Chair - Kathleen Valerio

Cheryl Olson
Douglas McSkimming
Montie Magree
Rick Jaffe
Susie Hill
Wade MacAdam

To volunteer, please contact the committee chair,