July 10, 2017

What’s new?
The UC Learning Center is getting a well deserved overhaul this summer. Since the system first launched nine years ago, technology has rapidly accelerated, and as this will be its first major upgrade, the changes will be a win for everyone. It will be easier to navigate and find your courses, more reliable on all web browsers, and in general a much more user-friendly experience.

How does this affect me?
Because this change is so large in scale, we have to take UC Learning Center offline for 10 days. This is currently scheduled for July 28th - August 7th. The good news is that your training history, and any future registrations you already have, will stay intact.

What should I do?
If you are a Learner - login to the system and select the ‘Review Schedule/Cancel Registration’ button from your Learner Dashboard to review any future trainings you may be registered for.

If you are a trainer, please print the rosters needed for July 28th - August 7th in advance, or use other means to track attendance, which can be entered later when the system is operational again.

Please email your questions to Campus Shared Services’ First Contact team at itcsshelp@berkeley.edu



Jo Mackness,
Interim AVC-HR

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