Student Tech Fund Call for Grant Proposals through 10/7/19

September 11, 2019

 Student Affairs


Dear Cal community -

The Student Technology Fund's (STF) grant application submission process is open for the Fall Fast Track project cycle. The deadline to submit project proposals is Monday, October 7th, 2019.  This is one of three grant cycles STF offers annually.


Any student, staff or faculty member of the University of California, Berkeley is eligible to submit a proposal for consideration by the Student Technology Fund committee. Individual students must obtain a fiscal sponsor to administer awarded funds, such as a registered student group, ASUC, Graduate Assembly, academic department, or other functional unit.


This fee, assessed at $51 per semester for seven years, provides funding to secure software licensing for students (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, MATLab, LinkedInLearning). It also provides funding to support additional student technology services and initiatives.  Fee funds are prohibited from subsidizing core information technology infrastructure, and intellectual property developed as a result of STF support is owned by the University.

Funding categories include:

  • Applications and Software Development

  • Commercial Software Licensing

  • Hardware and Technology Equipment Acquisition

  • Investigative and Planning Projects

  • Technology Events

  • Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs


  • Before submitting a proposal, please review how to develop a strong proposal and consider getting support by attending a grant writing workshop, office hours, or by getting feedback from staff.

  • Proposals are due October 7th, 2019 via an online application.

  • Proposals will be reviewed by the Student Technology Fund Committee in October and November 2019, with the intent of announcing decisions in December 2019 and allocating funds in January 2020.

For questions and additional information, visit the Student Tech Fund website or email


Stephen C. Sutton, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.


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